Tamara H Chicago Wedding Hair Stylist

Tamara H | Wedding Hair Stylist

Hair stylist Tamara is living the dream, literally. She’s a runner who went to college on an athletic program, despite urging from her mom to nurture her innate artistic talents. As many things tend to be, work was hard to come by right after college so she decided to learn a trade as a back up plan. (Isn't there a saying about life being all about Plan B?) The natural choice for her was hair styling, as it gave her the artistic outlet she craved. She enrolled in Pivot Point International School as a night student while keeping her day job as an executive assistant. After graduation, she quickly realized the salon wasn’t the place for her, so she let her administrative career flourish while she considered her options, behind the desk at night and behind the chair on the weekends. Then one dreamy day in 2016, everything fell into place… she did her first styled wedding shoot. That one perfect day was the catalyst that inspired everything that followed, and she knew bridal hair styling was where she wanted to be. And as the saying goes… now we here. Tamara is based in Chicago and is available for:

  • Wedding Hair Styling

  • Gala, Award Ceremony, and Special Event Hair Styling