Sunless Airbrush Tanning 

One day, many years ago, The 'Co showed up to a wedding and found our bride a complete wreck. It was easy to see why... she looked like she just rolled around in coffee grounds. Her spray tan she got the day before went horribly wrong, and after some not-very-nice phone calls she ran to get it fixed, causing a delay in her whole wedding day, not to mention totally botching her hair and makeup appointment. That was the day we decided to take matters into our own hands. 

After more than half of The 'Co completed a spray-tanning course and became certified, we invested in our own tanning kit and products. This way, we could be sure that even if something went wrong, at least we knew how to handle it. Also, it made more sense for us to be doing the spray tanning than someone we didn't know who could create a huge mess. We took on the responsibility and for nearly five years hosed down our brides ourselves to prevent any more "oops" from under-qualified tanners. 

We've decided recently to hand over the spray tan reigns to Sunkissed Bottoms, a company we reached out to after hearing nothing but glorious things about. Their reputation precedes them, and after practically grilling the owner Cheslea about her services, we decided that they were the kind of quality services our brides deserve. Sunkissed Bottoms is the only spray tanning company we endorse, so book wisely and choose them for your bridal glow.