Samantha F Las Vegas Hair and Makeup Artist

Samantha D  |  Hair and Makeup Artist

Samantha began her makeup career in 2010 after graduation from the Euphoria Institute. Immediately she was signed with an agency doing entirely private event work and was well-recognized as their top artist for nearly five years. While she very much enjoyed doing makeup, she decided to take a break for a year and a half and pursue a different path, only to discover that what she really wanted was to grow professionally. She was signed in spring of 2016 and began working live events, conventions, film, and production and quickly elevated her experience.


Credits Include: Hiring America, Organic Inc., BBDO World Wide, ASUS, 321 Blink, CBS News, Magic Trade Show, Solid Gold Happiest Dog Video, Arbonne Charity Foundation, Judge Jeanine Pirro, Tucker Carlson Tonight, 7EE Convention.