professional makeup artist for convention keynote speaker

Live Events + Conventions

Regardless if it's an executive drilling down an annual report to 800 shareholders or a keynote speaker your company has invested in bringing to your convention to inspire your corporate team, they will need to look great both in person and on camera. The personalities you put on stage or in front of a camera to your employees are the face of the company, and we are here to make sure they show a polished and professional aesthetic. Our hair and makeup artists can work either backstage in a green room, in a designated area on the tradeshow floor, or in a guest room prior to the day getting started.  Providing professional makeup services for conventions and live events has become the standard in Las Vegas, where HD screens enlarge and broadcast live from the stage. We are here to make sure your leadership, spokespeople, brand ambassadors, and keynote speakers put their best face forward. 

Live Event + Convention Credits Include: CES,  Mercedes Benz,  Toyota,  Cowboy Christmas,  ASUS Computers,  Mazda,  Isagenix,  J. Hilburn,  Snap-on Tools,  SALT Conference,  Cisco Conference,  Gaming Expo,  JCK, and many more. 

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