Joanna P Wedding Hair Stylist Las Vegas

Joanna P  |  Wedding Hair Stylist

Joanna was that girl you knew in high school that was always spending gym class doing someone else's hair. She's had a passion for it since she can remember, and was more than ready to start her career in 2013 after graduating from the Paul Mitchell cosmetology school with her hair stylist license. Immediately she began freelancing, with an emphasis on special occasion and wedding hair. Several companies courted her, and she enjoyed working with many different clients and situations before wanting to settle down. In the winter of 2016 she reached out to us and between her stellar work and her ultra-sweet personality, we just knew she'd be a perfect fit for the 'Co and our beautiful brides! If she's not working in a cloud of hair spray and curling irons, she loves to go for hikes in our gorgeous mountains.