Demon Halloween Makeup Las Vegas

Halloween Makeup

Nobody does Halloween like Las Vegas. Here at the ‘Co, every year we look forward to the flood of inquiries for Halloween makeup and just love dirtying up our makeup brushes with all things grisly; Sugar Skulls and Zombies, Skeleton face painting and sexy dark makeup for the Fetish and Fantasy Ball. As soon October hits there are tons of All Hallows Eve parties, and we love scheming up how to make you look like one of Dexter’s victims or a dressed-to-kill Black Widow. One of our favorite looks we did in 2011 was our “Little Black Dress Halloween Costume”, a series crafted by our Halloween makeup artists to create looks designed around the one thing every woman has in her closet- the LBD.  We drew inspiration from the Black Dahlia, a Black Widow, and a Flapper. Sugar Skull makeup is also a popular choice for Las Vegas parties. The detail and color of the makeup are enough to take the place of a conventional costume and totally one-up all the other party goers. Let’s not forget the cult following of the Walking Dead. We are here to inform you that yes, zombie makeup is totally worth the scrubbing you’ll have to do to get the fake coagulated blood off later. If you’re not into the darker side of Halloween, let’s create a bright, poppy fantasy makeup look for you. Perfect, sparkly princess makeup for Snow White, or how about Arabian Night inspired makeup for Jasmine? Tell us about it. Give us a reason to pull out all the stops. Inquire here to own the night- and that party.