Sister wives

Film + TV

Our artists provide camera-ready hair and makeup for personalties, public figures, speakers, talent, spokespersons, brand ambassadors, and much more.  For feature films coming to Las Vegas or Chicago for segments and scenes, our artists work well under a key hair stylist or key makeup artists as part of a larger crew for background. Our agency can simplify the process of assembling a professional hair and makeup crew for your next film project with one call to our office to secure multiple artists. Having built-in organization personnel lifts the logistical barrier production assistants often face when trying to staff larger crews for location filming, as well as providing the security of multiple artists for time-sensitive projects or large background talent.

Our broadcasting, TV, and film credits include:  The O'Reilly Factor,  The Rachel Maddow Show,  Your World with Neil Cavuto,  the feature film What Happens In Vegas,  the hit TV series Sister Wives,  and much more.