Frequently Asked Questions

Questions About Makeup

What is airbrush makeup?  Airbrushing makeup is a method of applying makeup with an air gun. The makeup used for airbrush can be either designed to be used with a machine or it can be a traditional foundation mixed with a mixing medium to thin the consistency enough to travel with compressed air through a gun. The word on the streets is that an airbrush makeup is ideal for sweltering summers in Vegas- and nothing could be further from the truth.

What is the difference between airbrush makeup and traditional makeup?  While airbrush makeup is sprayed onto the face, a traditional application is applied with a brush, sponge, or fingertips. Both methods can be used to create a flawless, durable finish. One of the big misunderstandings about airbrush makeup is that it is waterproof. Waterproof makeup can be applied by hand or by airbrush and the method of application does not impact how long the makeup lasts. Everyone has different skin types and different needs, so it’s important to have a foundation that is customized to fit those specific needs. If you want to really dig deeper, check out our blog post on it.

Do you do airbrush makeup?  Airbrush makeup is definitely one of the services we offer! However, like all makeup applications, the method is not suited for every skin type. We use both airbrush and hand applications depending on each client’s unique needs. There is no “one size fits all” makeup method, and we strongly encourage you to suspect anyone who says there is!

How long does the makeup last?  We here at the ‘Co love us some silicone-based foundations. Silicone is the little bad-ass of makeup bases; it repels water, blends seamlessly, and absorbs into the skin beautifully for a perfectly smooth finish. Also, to keep those peepers looking amazing till the after-after party, we prep the eyes with eyeshadow primer. Some of our clients have even worn their makeup to the pool the next day. We don’t recommend that, but if you do, rock on sister!

What brand of makeup do you use?  That's like asking us to pick a favorite child! If you’ve ever gotten a little ADD just by walking into a Sephora, you know how hard is it to choose a favorite line. That being said, we do have a tendency to use mass amounts of Urban DecayMakeup ForeverInglot, and Nars. And Too Faced. And Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics. And MAC. And Graftobian. And…

Questions about Hair Styling

How long will my hairstyle last?  Our stylists are trained and have gobs of experience making your style last and last! We’ve heard more often than not that our clients have worn their hairstyle for a couple days after we have initially done it. That being said, upstyles generally last longer than down-styles because the pins help hold the hair in place.

How should I have my hair ready?  You need to have your hair totally bone dry and not flat ironed. That’s it! You can put product in it, you can blow dry it, you can even curl it. Just don’t flat iron it, and don’t have it wet. Some people say hair holds better if it’s a little dirty- we say go ahead and feel free to shampoo your hair, because if it’s too silky and clean we’ve got the goods to dirty it up if we need to.

What if my hair is too short for the hair style I want?  May we suggest clip-in extensions? If you only want long, lush locks for one event, it’s best just to go with the clip in extensions. It’s also great because next time you want that effect, you’ll already have them!

Will the hair stylist blow-dry my hair?  We would be happy to add a blow-out to your style for a small additional charge. Just let us know in advance so that we can schedule extra time for you.

Questions about Hair Extensions

I have clip in extensions.  Can you put them in? Why yes, we can! In fact, well put those bad boys in so good you could sport them the next day, if you like. There’s no silly extra fee either, it’s included with your hair service.

I already have extensions in. Can you work with them?  Absolutely! We’ve worked with individuals, sewn in, tape wefts, cap weaves, wigs and more. Just make sure if this is your first time getting extensions of any kind that they are 100% human hair. We can’t heat style anything that’s synthetic or it will melt.

What kinds of extensions do you do?  We like extensions that move with the hair. Our extension expert Hayley can create custom clip in extensions for you. We can also install weft extensions with micro links, as well as individual extensions with micro links.

How long do the individual extensions last?  Individual extensions can last up to 3 months if properly cared for. You may need a touch up half-way through that, but the time and financial investment for a touch up are minimal.

How much do extensions cost?  That totally depends on the kind of extensions you want. Clip-ins are a great option and generally run about $350 for a custom set, depending on the length of the hair. Individual extensions are more expensive, and the quote will depend on how many you need and the cost of the hair.

Questions about Spray Tanning

Will the tan make me orange?  Even if it did, would we say so? No, seriously, it won’t take you from Bronze Babe to Oompa Loompa. That is, if you follow our instructions to the letter and are honest on the questionnaire we gave you. Tans only turn orange if either the wrong product is used (too high concentrate for your skin type) or it interacts with a chemical already in your pores. Still feeling nervous? Swing by our blog post Get Tanned, Not Tanged!

How long will the tan last?  Our product supplier, Body Bronze Products, says the tan lasts 5-7 days. However, we have found that they look good up to 10 if you take care of them. That means putting on lotion every day, not soaking in hot tubs or long showers, and not using scrubs or loofahs.

Do you tan the face?  Most of the time, we do not tan the face. If our client is a man, we will tan his face to make sure he matches, but we prefer our female clients to match their face to their body’s using foundation. The reason for this is that the face fades faster than the body because of all the lotions and potions we put on it every day. A nice, high-quality foundation warmed up with a darker shade will blend beautifully with your tan. Also, sensitive facial skin can sometimes react funny to the tanning formula.

How does spray tanning work?  Nearly all spray tanning formula’s contain DHA, a sugary little chemical that makes you turn brown. When we spray you down with this colorless chemical, it goes into your pores and oxidizes, turning your skin brown. Just like when you bite into an apple and it turns brown, the sugar reacts similarly with your skin. We use a tanner with a color guide, and that means there is bronzer mixed into the typically colorless formula. This helps us see where we are spraying you to make sure your tan is even. It also gives us that awesome instant gratification of seeing you tan right away!

How should I prepare for my spray tan?  When you book your tan with us, we are going to send over a super handy guide on how to get ready for your tan. However, if your fake baking with another company, the important points you need to know are: Come with squeaky clean pores (no deodorant, perfume, makeup or lotion) and do not get wet for at least 8 hours after your tan. Also, it doesn’t hurt to give your palms and soles a good slather of lotion before tanning if you’re going to bed right after! Just be sure not to get it on the backs of your hands or ankles.

Do I have to tan nude?  You only have to spray tan nude if you’re comfortable with it and want to avoid any tan lines. Most women tan nude or in a thong, however, plenty of women also tan in a strapless bra and panties as well. It’s entirely up to you! No offense guys, but the rules are different for you. Men are required to wear boxer briefs and have another woman present during tanning.

Do you do spray tans for fitness competitions?  As of right now, we do not do tanning for fitness competitions. We have a LOT of respect for the expert tanners who work with body builders! You are going to be judged on your super dark, super rich, super shiny tan. We do not have the training for that specific kind of tanning, and we would never do anything that could jeopardize your chance to win a title.

General Questions

How far in advance should I book hair and makeup?  You will want to book your hair and makeup appointment as soon as your certain of the date and time you’ll need it. Las Vegas hair and makeup artists are very busy, we accept appointments as far out as 18 months! However, if it’s a last minute appointment, give us a call and we will see what we can do to fit you in.

What do I have to do to book?  Start by filling out our contact page, so that we can get all the information we need from you in order to confirm availability and quote you appropriately. Once we have that info, you’ll get an email from us (and we are pretty snappy at returning emails!) with loads of information that you probably want to know. If everything looks good to you, email us back to let us know were’ the ones for you! From there we will do up a contract and send it over along with a retainer request. Once we get both of those back from you, we’ll process everything and send you a confirmation. From there, it’s just sitting pretty till your appointment!

How long does an appointment take?  We don’t like to feel rushed, and we do not want you to feel rushed either. We will build our your appointment blocked based on your own unique needs. Generally, we like to allow 30 minutes per services with a one-hour buffer for “just in case.”

Questions about Services for Commercial Photography and Events

Do you have a team that can accommodate several principles in a short amount of time?  Yes, we do.  We can handle many models or talent in a very short amount of time. Please email Amelia ( specifics so that she can work with you on the scheduling of your project.

Do you have experience working with HD Cameras?  Absolutely. HD camera’s have changed the way makeup artists work, and we are trained with the new (ahem ruthless) way cameras capture details and faces. Our makeup kits are heavy with HD specific makeup lines, and our detail is precise.

Do you have experience with film?  Yes, we do! We’ve worked on both major motion pictures as well as small, independent productions. We’ve also worked with TV series and promo clips. Our hair and makeup artists are set-trained and equipped to help make your production a success.

Do you offer net terms?  Yes, we do. Please simply address your net term policies at the time of booking so that we may invoice you accordingly.

Do you do live events?  We LOVE live events! Conventions in Las Vegas are like nothing else- they are way more of an experience. We can get your executives hair and makeup ready for their presentation to the company, we can get your award recipients looking great for their head-shots, we can even do hair and makeup for your booth models. Looking your best to thousands of potential partners, employees, and customers is very important. Let Amelia C & Co help you make the most of your investment by putting your best face forward!

Do you do Special Effects?  We do some special effects. We can do cuts and scrapes and lacerations and fantasy makeup. However, we aren’t the Monster Man. Gizmo’s and gadgets and pretty much anything that requires full body suits or electric wiring is a bit beyond our league. If you need our services coupled with an SFX specialist, we’d be happy to help you find one to work with.