Las Vegas Hair and Makeup Artist Daisy L

Daisy L  |  Wedding Hair and Makeup Artist

Daisy’s makeup career started as a covert operation. She would sneak makeup to school to wear it but then wipe it all off before she got home. She broke in as a rep for NYX before it was trendy. Her career remained a solid side hustle while she had kids, but the move from California to Las Vegas launched her into full-time artistry. Taking up with luxury lines like Chanel and Giorgio Armani, Daisy began to build a solid skill set and reputation. L Makeup Institute, the local gold standard for makeup education, would eventually hire her as a teacher of their Beauty Makeup courses. She continued on with her freelance work simultaneously and racked up an impressive credits list including chefs from Food Network and the cast of Spartacus. Just as comfortable at a country bar as she is at a rock concert, this mom of 8 has been a fantastic addition to the company and we couldn’t be more thrilled to have her. Daisy is based in Las Vegas and is available for:

  • Wedding Makeup

  • Gala, Award Ceremony, and Special Event Makeup