Daileny S Wedding Hair Stylist On Location Las Vegas

Daileny S  |  Wedding Hair Stylist

Daileny spent her child-hood years swooning and dreaming about the princess stories she came to know and love… so it’s no surprise she became a Las Vegas wedding hair stylist.  After barely missing the deadline to get into the local cosmetology magnet program, she was anxious to finish high-school and become a hair stylist. Like with many young graduates, life happens and with a husband and three children her dream career was delayed. After a few years working a medical desk job, an opportunity came around to pursue her dream and she took it. She attended the well-known and highly respected Euphoria Institute and graduated early with her cosmetology license. Her work caught the attention of the ‘Co in 2011 when she was featured on a local photographer’s blog. After getting to know her “virtually” through the blog, Amelia then reached out to their mutual photographer connection to see if this savvy hairdresser would be interested in working for the ‘Co. One interview and three months of interning later, she was made a full stylist specializing in wedding hairstyles for Las Vegas brides. As with most weddings in the Wedding Capital of the World, she often did not get to meet her brides-to-be and became quickly adept at discerning what each unique bride would want her hair to look like.  From elegant up-do’s to sexy full waves, pinup hair styles and the new wave of braids, Daileny has done it all. Now with several wedding seasons under her belt, Daileny has finally settled into her childhood dreams of romance and fairy tales. When she’s not working with a soon-to-be Queen, she’s likely heating up the dance floor salsa-style with high-school sweetheart-turned husband.