Daileny S Bridal Hairstylist Las Vegas

Daileny S  |  Wedding Hair Stylist

Daileny S has been with The ‘Co since 2011. She’s what we call an Original. As one of the founding bridal hair stylists of the Las Vegas company, Daileny brings nearly eight rock-solid years of wedding hair styling to your door. She grew up loving princess stories so getting to be part of your fairy tale is kind of a #bigdeal to her. After barely missing the deadline for the cosmetology magnet program, and then getting married and starting a family, it took her a little while to realize her calling. Desk jobs are great for daydreaming, so she got going and made plans to attend the well-known Euphoria Institute. Her work caught the attention of Amelia in 2011 through a mutual connection and she’s been a powerhouse of style since. One interview and three months of interning later, she was made a full stylist specializing in wedding hairstyles for Las Vegas brides. Daileny is based in Las Vegas and is available for:

  • Wedding Hair Styling

  • Gala, Award Ceremony, and Special Event Hair Styling