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In 2011, a well-respected makeup artist on the famous Las Vegas Strip was over it. It was nearly a seedy affair, and involved a CraigsList ad for want of something better. That's how Alana G ended up as the first hired makeup artist of Amelia C & Co. 

We did some amazing things together. We figured out how to build a reputable hair and makeup agency. We learned what worked, and a whole lot of what doesn't. We worked together, built a team, drank gin and tonics over flatbread and laughed till we cried. 

Life happened. Alana and her family moved a few times, but always came back to Vegas and The 'Co. In 2017, she and her brood moved to Chicago, and it was decided that it's time she ran her own team out in Windy City. 

Together, we are thrilled to announce the Amelia C & Co expansion to Chicago. 


Introducing Alana G

Key Makeup Artist for Amelia C & Co, Chicago

loves banana's foster.  took maternity leave in Hawaii.  likes to show off her peacock.  

Alana was the first... and we mean the very first... artist to be hired by the 'Co. She was the 'Co. Even though she had an established career working as a makeup artist in the fanciest of celebrity salons on the Strip, she wanted more freedom over her own life and knew the longer she stayed on Las Vegas Boulevard, the harder it would be to break free. 

Since she's been around from the very beginning, Alana knows exactly what the 'Co had to do to grow up. In 2011, everything was bright and fresh and new and exciting. It's easy to work on something new when the thrill of it is still strong. But the shine dulls, and the hard work begins. Alana saw artists come and go, realized that team work is everything, professionalism can forgive most mistakes, and above all, you have to have some skin in the game. 

Las Vegas is an extraordinarily diverse city to have a makeup career in. Alana has worked on thousands of brides and been published in wedding magazines numerous times. In addition, she has had a celebrity clientèle, worked in editorial print, massive conventions, and film. A small sampling of her credits include Pilate's Style Magazine, Brittney Spears, Allstate National Conference, and so much more. It's this wide range of knowledge as a makeup artist coupled with the experience of growing a team from nothing to the top-rated in Las Vegas in 5 years flat that makes her a dynamic force blowing into Chicago and ready to make incredible things happen in the Windy City.

Backed by the home team in Vegas running the administrative tasks, Alana will lead, hire, teach, meet, and build a 5-star team of hair and makeup artists in Chicago, Lake Geneva, and the surrounding areas. 

So here we go. Let's do this, Chicago. Let's get gorgeous.


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