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Advertising + Editorial

For commercial photography projects featuring apparel, jewelry, shoes, and more, our professional hair and makeup artists are available to ensure your model or brand ambassador looks great on camera. With new camera technology coming out every year, more and more detail shows in the final result. To minimize post-production time and cost, a professional and experienced hair and makeup artist is an essential member of the crew, even for male talent. A key trait that differentiates Las Vegas from most markets is that many brands will shoot here only for special projects or campaigns, and can't always bring their established crew with them during travel. Our artists do the research required to understand previous campaign looks and are prepared to arrive on set with an understanding of the brand, ready to replicate it and keep your brand appearance congruent in a new setting. It is also equally important that any ad hoc crew hired for special projects retains professionalism, and as an established and reputable hair and makeup agency, you can be sure that our artists are not only responsible professionals, but held accountable as well. This additional layer of accountability ensures you are making the right choice and will not have an inconvenient surprise when booking an artist. For longer term and local projects, congruency can be established by having the full force of an agency behind the artist, eliminating the risk of starting over should your preferred artist not be available for an upcoming project. 

Credits include: Under Armour, Pilates Style Magazine, Apple Bottom Jeans, Air Jordan, Las Vegas Woman, and more.

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