makeup artists for brand activations


Activation services are ideal for brands that want to leave a lasting impression on guests through a body art experience. Our background as professional makeup artists make us uniquely qualified to provide custom body and hair art in a safe and sanitized manner. We can provide collaboration and design, source materials, secure artists locally when available, execute and manage the body art experience of your brand activation. From pre-production to strike you will work with a dedicated professional experienced in activation marketing.

makeup artists for experiential marketing


Work with an experienced artist from the start to develop unique body art experiences customized for your client and brand image. It’s like having your own makeup artist on your internal production team to develop ideas and collaborate with until we come up with something really incredible, while making sure the concept stays within the boundaries of time, budget, and safety. And, FWIW - we know that the experience your guest has is just as important as the art quality itself, so we’ll do what we can to have the application itself part of the experience, too.

temporary tattoo application for activation marketing


Save valuable time and often, budget, having us help source the products and equipment we need to perform the services. Whether it’s something off-the-shelf, or a collaborative custom design that requires multiple supplies, we can get everything we need to do our jobs. We’ll also make sure that everything we use is safe for the general public. We also work with producers who need or want to be more hands-on by providing a list of options and suppliers to shop from. Our resources run deep so we can get you that UV paint, that pink gold-leaf foil, or that latex free body glue. Either way, it’s much better than going it alone and hoping for the best come showtime.

body artists for brand activations


As a professional makeup artist agency, we are experienced in booking, managing, and leading a team of artists. Our home office is based out of Las Vegas but we have the experience and network to secure makeup artists in every major city. Instead of hiring individual artists one-by-one for your activation, we will provide all the labor for you including a designated person-in-charge, which will always be someone from our home team who knows how to run an event. We can provide all the artist power you need to execute the body art part of the experience, freeing you up to run the show.

Custom body art for festivals


Hard to say all we can do because so much of what we do hadn’t been thought of until our awesome clients did, but here’s a go:

UV Blacklight Activated Body Paint - Glow In The Dark Body Paint - Airbrush Tattoos - Body Foil Art - Temporary Tattoo Application - Stenciled Body Paint - Glitter Tattoos - Glitter Beards - Glitter Lips - Glitter Balayage - Temporary Hair Color Balayage - Braid Bar - Glitter Applique - Jeweled Designs - Temporary Colored Hair Ends - Bold Lip Bar - Bold Mascara Bar - Non-Piercing Body Jewelry Application - Festival Dots - And just about anything else you fancy.

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